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Comment from Charles

Comment from Charles

Love the Dragonrider and Harper Hall books, but am disappointed that neither you nor your Mum ever wrote about the ULTRA rare MALE who could hear all dragons. Maybe you could tackle this omission?

Charles, I don’t see that as a very interesting story.

Janis Ian – on tour!

Janis Ian – on tour!

Janis Ian is on tour again and she’ll be coming to Los Angeles, playing in Santa Monica at the intimate McCabe’s Guitar Shop on Sunday, March 24 2013. (Also up at CalTech on the 23rd.)

Not only is she the brilliant creator of zillions of songs, including At Seventeen and Society’s Child but she is a science fiction writer and wrote a special version of At Seventeen just for us fans, Welcome Home. You can hear it at her web site, here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

She’s on tour next year, here’s her full schedule.

Her concerts are a rare treat and she has a marvelous presence.

She was one of Mum’s favorite people — and when you’ll meet her, you’ll understand why!

She has also, just in time for Christmas, kicked off her current sale.

Teagan and Sara

Teagan and Sara

Teagan and Sara first came to my attention with their song Where Does the Good Go? which was used as music in one episode of Gray’s Anatomy.

Since then my kid and I have been following them and, indeed, going to their concerts.

Looking back in my Music Category, three of the four posts I’ve made refer to them. I like the music they make and they do good concert.

They’re busy touting their new, more commercial album Heartthrob including their most recent video for Closer which I love. I love it because it breaks out of the typical boy/girl love mold and includes girl/girl love, boy/boy love and every one else love in the video images. As Mum would say, “About time, too!”