Sep 272004

I think it’s great that you have a blog (or several, given the different subjects that you cover). A few questions, though. Do you have archives for older posts? And do you have links available for individual posts? For instance, I would love to link to your post about the UK cover for Dragonsblood. (Gorgeous, btw.)

Thank you for coming to DragonCon again. It’s always a pleasure to attend your panels. The reading with your mum was a treat, even though the material was difficult for all of us.


I’m sorry that I don’t have links for individual entries. Even if I did, I think I’d have to beg off on the UK cover to avoid stepping on anyone’s copyright. It is a gorgeous cover, though, isn’t it?

I don’t think any of the older posts have gone out of sight for me yet but I will look into archiving them. Some of them need to roll into the FAQ at some point. But when it’s a choice between doing administrivia or writing the next Pern book, I tend to come down on the side of the book.

I’m glad that you liked our reading. Hopefully, I’ll be back at Dragon*con next year, too!


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Sep 272004

That’s spify. I really need to get cracking on my halloween custome if I want to do it myself.

As for starting at a smaller convention, I’m trying. Some of them are too soon for me to get up enough money to go and MTAC isn’t getting back to me for anything and I can’t find any pricing anywhere for anything. Sugoi-Con (sp?) it’s a first come first serve basis (free tables), but again I’m still paying for my car so it’s about impossible to get a ticket and a hotel on such short notice. ;-;

I’m looking for someone local to go with me and split the cost. It’s very hard since no one likes to draw or read or anything creative. They’d like to go with me, but not to the convention at to the tables to sell stuff with me.


I really hope that you find some like-minded artist with whom to share a table soon.

Good luck on the Halloween costume!

— Todd

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Sep 262004

Hm.. I have managed to get about four minutes in a day… I’m trying for more! ^_^;;;

As for your daughter liking anime?

Tell her this year for Halloween I’m gonna be a Ravenclaw.
For Dragon*Con next year I might do all or one but,
Cho Chang from HP
Super Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon
and probably romping around as a Weyrfest person. Maybe. Not sure I want to be all of them.

I still can’t find a bloody art table and having a table to myself at Dragon*Con can anyone say mass murder of the Kathleen?


Well, I think that an art table at Dragon*con is starting at the top, as it were. Have you considered doing some smaller conventions first? I’m sure the entry fees are lower (you’ll probably not make as much, either). That way you could have you Dragon*con and see it, too!

Ceara’s decided she’s going to be one of her own anime creations this year.


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Sep 242004

Will there be a sequal to Nimisha’s Ship? I enjoy all of your mother’s books. I have read my copies many times. My favorites are the Talents, Pern, and The Ship who searched. I hope the enjoy the series for years to come.

Hi Cate!

Well, everyone’s begging for more Pern books, so it’s really hard to sneak in a sequel to Nimisha’s ship. Mum and I talked about sequels to it and have several in mind. Right now we’re busy with “Dragon’s Fire” (one of the sequels to “Dragon’s Kin”).


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