Note from Gilder

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Jul 282006

Hi, Todd,

Have already dropped a note through about the following.

I stay in touch with actor Peter Williams (“Apophis” on “Stargate”) through his fan bulletin board. Anne told him when they met in 2003 that she’d like to see him play F’lar.

Peter was very pleased to hear of the Copperheart option!


Hi Gilder,

As always with film, the director/producer will have a lot of input on casting. At this early stage, talking about who gets to play what is premature.


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Letter from Tara

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Jul 282006

Look forward to seeing you again at D*C, tho it won’t be the same without your mum there too.

Delighted over the news of a possible film. Since your mum’s site doesn’t seem to be updated regularly, I’m hoping that you will be keeping us updated on the projects progress. Copperheart’s site only mentions the option in one statement, with a link to the press release.

Will there be somewhere we can check online for regular progress reports on the film?

Speculation over on the AMCF forum ( ) is running rampant. Most of us are super excited and can’t wait for more info…let alone the actual film.


Hi Tara,

Well, Mum is 80 (it’s hard to remember, I know) and the thought of her doing back-to-back coast-to-coast major conventions is just impossible. She was up for it initially but then her common sense prevailed and, as she hasn’t been to a Worldcon in a while, she decided that she’d like to put in an appearance.

We don’t, at the moment, have much to say about the film and don’t want to get people overwrought. When there is more to say, we’ll do our best to let everyone know.

I look forward to seeing you at Dragon*con, too!


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Question from Sara

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Jul 282006


It says on you apperance link that you will be at DragonCon, but when I check the site it doesn’t mention you on the guest list. Are you going to be there? If so is your mother as well? I have a chance to go this year, and I would be dissapointed if you were not there.



I’ll be there! It was just a question of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s!


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