Month: December 2006

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

As we all know, it’s getting close to Turn’s End, so I thought I’d provide you all with some amusement and/or distraction with this very simple game called dragon.

Sadly, it only works on Windows — my apologies to all those other system users but the games engine I’ve been playing with is currently Windows only. You can get a copy of the game here (the file is 1234 kB large).

The rules are pretty simple:

1. You have to flame the thread out of the sky. For every Thread you flame, you get 5 points. If Thread falls unchecked, you lose 10 points. If Thread hits your dragon it makes a piteous noise and looses health points. When your dragon loses too many health points, your dragon goes out of the game.

2. You have three “lives” (you may think of this as different dragons if you choose).

3. To flame, press the bar. To move, use the arrow keys. You may go between by pressing the ‘b’ key but be warned — if you go between you will return anywhere on the screen.

The trick is to obtain the highest possible score with your three lives (for some of you this will be huge, for others it will be challenging).

The graphics, sounds, and programming are all mine (all the sounds are modified recordings of my own voice). The games engine is GameMaker which is available as a free demo or as a fully registered version for about $20. (It took me about two hours to roll this game; it’s based off of the 1945 tutorial). Many thanks to the “other” Gigi Johnson for her recommendation of GameMaker.

Happy flaming!


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