Month: September 2009

Space the final frontier — yours for $148

Space the final frontier — yours for $148

Two MIT grads launched a weather balloon into the deep black of space.

Students launch camera to edge of space, snap pics of Earth

Dragonheart — waiting for the paperback?

Dragonheart — waiting for the paperback?

I realize I’ve mentioned this before but I was going over old mail and thought I should mention it again:

If you haven’t read Dragonheart yet because you’re waiting for the paperback, you don’t have long, it’s due out next month, on October 27th.

Del Rey’s put up an excerpt on their web site to whet your appetite, you can read it here.

Query from Robert

Query from Robert

I saw on the site where Todd was discovered dead. Is this correct? I am having a hard time believing it.

And well you should! Not only am I alive, I even reflect in mirrors!

Nope, I now get to say: “News of my death has been greatly exaggerated!”

— Todd

Letter from Simon

Letter from Simon

Dear Todd,
First, let me say that I have just finished “Dragonheart”, and I loved it; I’ll have to find my copy of “Dragonsblood”, and reread it. I am thrilled that you are carrying on the tradition.

Second, I’m puzzled/worried by your introducing the idea of thread falling at night. I can’t remember that occurring in any other Pern book, and I’ve read them all (I started back in the 70’s). This is a really fundamental change. I’d love to hear your comments on this.


Dear Simon,

First, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Second, not everything is known all at once, else Lessa would have never gone back in time, F’nor never would have gone to the Red Star, et cetera.

As mentioned in Dragonsblood and Dragonheart, night falls result in a large amount of dead Thread which is of no consequence.

But, as mentioned in Dragonflight, the watch-whers of the time had their wings clipped. At lest, the captive watch-whers had their wings clipped. There’s no mention of wild watch-whers (and why would there be?) but there must have been a reason to clip their wings and chain the poor beasts. This reason is indirectly discussed in Dragonsblood (because the watch-whers will fly Thread at night unaided).

So there were clues back in Dragonflight but not story to tie the clues together.

Dragonsblood provided the chance to match up the clues and draw conclusions. Dragonheart starts at the same time as Dragonsblood but actually ends earlier in the Third Pass (although more actual time has elapsed).


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