Month: November 2009

Letter from Joseph

Letter from Joseph

I just started to read your Mum’s books this year and they are great. I have about 9 of them. I have to say my favorite book is Dragon Harper. That is the only book that made me cry. I have read it at least six times. I can’t wait for Dragongirl and any other books of yours and your mum’s.

Thank you and your mum for a wonderful world.


Hi Joseph,

Wow! Thanks! Dragon Harper had the same affect on us, too!


Comment from Blair

Comment from Blair

Todd, I was wondering what you would think of adding a Forums section to your web page so the readers could not only contact you but also discuss their favorite books with each other.

Hi Blair,

There are several very good forums in existence already. Mum has a webpage with links to them here.

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