Mar 112010

Here’s a really good video on why we need real healthcare in the United States.

What can you do? Call or write (or email) your Congressman and your Senator and tell them that you want healthcare in this country. Demand what the Canadians, Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh and pretty much everyone else on the world already have — affordable healthcare for all.

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Mar 112010

There are two things that I’m looking forward to in the next several weeks:

– Going to Ireland to celebrate Mum’s birthay

– Going to Ad Astra as the Guest of Honor (I’ll be up there the weekend of the 9th of April)

(I just hope my cats will forgive me!)

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Mar 112010

We’ve actually found a lot of new bands off of Grey’s Anatomy. We have the 2005 CD which includes songs from Psapp, The Radio, Postal Service, Tegan and Sara (of course!) and Maria Taylor — all of whom we’ve gone on to buy separately.

So the compilation is worth a listen, if you’re looking for new music.

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