Nov 252015

HI, I have the 24 Dragons of Pern books and in the last one it mentions another book to be written “Dragon Rider” Just wondering if this will still be coming out and if yes do you have an approximate time date. I really love these books as did my late husband. Many thanks Sylvia

Hi Sylvia,

“Dragonrider” was the original title bandied about for what became “Sky Dragons.”



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Nov 192015

I know WB has the rights to the Dragonflight movie but have you also discussed with them about making the Acorna series into a movie as well(fantasy is big and getting bigger all the time.)



Dear Colleen,

I wish Hollywood worked that way!

The way it works is that someone reads the books or hears about them and then decides they might want to make a movie.

But one can hope that one day the phone will ring and a voice seeping unspent billions in its tone will say, “Gee, Mr. McCaffrey, what do you think we should make next?”

Sigh. It hasn’t happened yet.



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Nov 032015

I’m just back from C4 where I hung out in the Artist’s Alley and had a blast.  I sat at a table by myself with just two handouts — one listing some of the stuff I’d published (all the Pern books but many others) and another with a short list of books I recommended.

I watched Scott Dewey sell lots of fun art (including Darth Vader versus Voldemort).  We and his girlfriend, the beautifully named Samara, had a lot of fun.  I also got to chat with Carly who was helping Christopher Jones at his table.  Four year-old Aysha decided that she just had to flirt with me, nearly abducting my Todd Rambles panel with her cute antics. Afterwards I got to talk with her mother, Andrika who teaches teens at a local hospital. Eric, another fan, and I talked writing.  Patty, who is a bit older than me, reminisced over Pern and other great worlds. I encouraged everyone to consider writing (writers are readers first) and was shameless in plugging for The Writers of the Future.

The staff were great, constantly coming by and offering me a break (not really necessary as I had no merchandise to watch) and looking out for my well-being.  I was reminded repeatedly that I had access to the Green Room and happily exchanged words with Sylvester McCoy (who went to elementary school in Sandymount in Ireland), listened to words of wisdom from other Guests but restrained from pestering them aside from telling Robert Picardo how much I enjoyed his singing and MC’ing at Dragon*con a number of years back (he has an awesome voice).

On Sunday we turned my Delphic Oracle panel into the Adventures in Super Science/Fantasy panel which was supposed to have happened the night before — only it wasn’t on my schedule.  There were six of us (counting me) and the best was at the end when the final person was dropped in the final on-the-fly story, saying, “Are you on drugs?”  So I think we’ll call this the Are You on Drugs? panel in the future!

I’d like to thank Violet for having me and all the staff for taking care of me. 

Thanks, C4, I had a blast!

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Nov 032015

Hello Todd,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to write to you like this. I do not have any questions for you, (as you have answered them all in previous letters). I am a long time fan. Whenever I am asked what my favorite books are, I never hesitate to answer ‘The Dragonriders of Pern’ series, especially ‘The Harper Hall’ trilogy.

I wanted to share with you that on October 7th, my husband and I welcomed our second child into the world. A little girl that we named Menolly. That is the true impact the Pern Universe has had on me, and I can only hope she grows up to be as great a person as her namesake. On the day she was born, we had a student watching over the procedures and we were chatting. She asked what we were going to name our daughter, and when we told her, she exclaimed, “I just started reading those books and they are fantastic!” In that moment, I knew that everything would be alright and that my little girl would get here healthy and strong, like I was given a sign.

I hope you have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read this note. Please let me know if you would like pictures of little Menolly, and I’d be happy to email/mail some over, as I do not see a way to attach any photos to this message.

All the best,


Dear Kristy,

Wow, that’s awesome!

I hope that Menolly is healthy and sleeps through the night. (I wonder if humming to her will make her sleep better, given her name!)

Again, wow! Mum would be thrilled.



P.S.: I’ll drop you an email so you can send pictures!

Update: Here’s the pic!

Kristy's baby Menolly

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