Month: May 2016

Question from Jesse

Question from Jesse

I have a question. It may seem silly, but here goes. I am wondering why three of the Pern series books can’t be found electronically. Dragonsong, Dragondrums and Dragonsinger. It seems frivolous to ask but I LOVE this series. Your mother got me into sci-if/fantasy and I have never left. I already own physical copies of all of her (and your) books for Pern, but as a voracious reader and re-reader, I need most of my books electronically as well. Is there any chance for that trio of books to become ebooks anytime soon? Thanks so much!

Dear Jesse,

The answer, sadly, is contracts.

The original contracts were signed waayyyy before eBooks were ever even a twinkling in someone’s eyes.

The problem now is sorting out the various contracting agencies and such to get a new agreement in place.

It’s been a question I get a lot and always gets a long, resigned sigh from me.

I wish that it would get fixed soon — but wishes aren’t enough.



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