Jul 122016

Wow!! Thank you! Just finished reading City of Angels. I’m amazed! I met you in KC MO during Planet Comic Con, I enjoyed our conversation.

I so enjoyed this book. I loved all the little bits joining together and you see it all start to come together. I enjoyed watching Ellay grow but still have that child innocence! I love Smitty and his need to save the babies, how he was there for Ellay both tumes but he saved Janey!

Again thanks!

Dear Rhonda,

Thank you so much!

I’m so glad you enjoyed City of Angels!

And thank you for letting me know. A writer works hard in the hopes that people will enjoy the story they’ve created — I’m glad to know that I succeeded with you!



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Jul 052016

Ray Kurzweil is one of the biggest names in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  I’m thrilled that he’s promoting the Adventure Science Fiction bundle (particularly as it includes my AI high-tech thriller, City of Angels).

Read his post here.

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