Aug 242016

I am so thrilled to discover that James Blish’s epic four-book series, Cities in Flight, is available in eBook format (at least for Kindle).

If you haven’t read this but you’ve read Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, or Clarke’s Childhood’s End, or Frank Herbert’s Dune, you really should add this to your store of knowledge.

The book is seminal and covers so many topics, many of which have never been covered before or since –  certainly never as well.

You can get the Amazon Kindle version here.

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Aug 102016

I have all the books on Pern except The People of Pern(written by your[very much missed mum])and After the Fall is Over.Any word on when this book will be as I am looking forward to adding them to my collection.
Godspeed to you and yours Dragon Prince,

Colleen Black

Dear Colleen,

My sister, Gigi, is the only other person, per Mum’s Will, allowed to write on Pern.

Currently, she is working very diligently on making her first book the best possible first book she can.

When she’s done, we’ll doubtless both sit down and figure out what’s going to happen next.



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Aug 102016

Todd .. PLEASE please tell me that your Mum left you her notes on Pern???? there was some mighty big threads left hanging… like F’lessen and Tai … and what became of “lord” Toric and his connection to the Abominators and does Pinch find out what Toric puts forth to doing and ANYTHING about Pern would be GREAT!!!! THANKS and looking forward to more about PERN and the Dragonriders……..

Well, right now my sister Gigi is working on her first Pern novel.

She wants to get it right because, as we all know, it only has to be an international best-seller that pleases every single fan. (So, no pressure, sis!).

After that, we’ll see!

If you’re willing to read off of Pern, I’ve got my high-tech thriller, City of Angels out now, and we’ll probably see my humorous The Jupiter Game coming out early next year (maybe sooner!).

Neither are Pern, obviously, but both were a lot of fun to write.



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Aug 102016

Hi Mr McCaffrey Just reading Dragongirl (again!!) and I was wondering if After the fall is over is likely to be published if it was ever completed after your mum’s death by yourself and your sister Gigi. Also have you got any new Pern books coming out soon?


Hi Julie,

Glad to hear that you’re reading Dragongirl again!

Gigi is currently working on her first Pern novel. She wants to make sure she gets is just right, so she’s not rushing it.

After that, we’ll see!



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