Happy St. Stephen’s Day (UK), Happy Battery-Replacement Day (US)

I hope you have had a great holiday so far and hope it gets better toward the New Year.

We had a nice Christmas, lots of turkey with cornbread stuffing, corn, mashed potoates, caulliflower au gratin, broccoli, and cranberry dressing. I lay claim to all but cranberry dressing and only partial claim to the gratin sauce as I had despaired of getting it thicke enough until Ceara’s mother rescued it. Just between us, I rather blew it because I started the veggies to coincide with the time the turkey should have finished cooking. Which meant that, twenty minutes later, the veggies were not up to snuff (the broccoli, in particular, was most disappointing). All the same, the turkey was great, the stuffing marvelous — and this the first big meal I’ve cooked in the new place and the first I’ve cooked at all in the past two years or so.

After dinner we watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which I’d gotten for my daughter and which Jenna (Ceara’s Mom) hadn’t yet seen.

After that, I collapsed and am now only partially recovered — it was good turkey!