Question from Tara

Question from Tara


I was wondering if you will be writing more pern books?? I’ve read sky dragons and would love to read some more 🙂

Thank you


Hi Tara,

Yup, I plan to!

However, between Mum and myself, we’ve written eight books on Pern either in collaboration or with me writing solo.

Just before she passed away, we decided it would be a good idea to take a break.

Mum’s Will provides for two people to write on Pern: me and my sister.

We figured it was time to give her a shot and she’s busy working on her first Pern novel.

She’s under no pressure: she just has to write a best-selling novel that will please all fans. (Nope, no pressure at all!)

In the meantime I’ve got two more novels coming out from WordFire Press, both not on Pern — City of Angels and The Jupiter Game.

If you’re desperate for “a hit” of dragons, I’ve got a short story in Women In Practical Armor with a shape-shifting dragon which explains dragon rage and gold hording — questions you always wanted answered, didn’t you? 🙂

I’ve also got not just one but two short stories in the charity anthology, One Horn to Rule Them All: A Purple Unicorn anthology, dealing with Elves and changelings.

I hope that helps!



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  1. City of Angels….is that another one? I’ve read your City of Angels before and loved it. What is the Jupiter Game about?

  2. City of Angels is almost the same book: it’s been reformatted and re-covered by WordFire Press, not to mention gone through some very nifty editing by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and some sharp proof-reading by various talented proofreaders. It’s a bit shorter, too — I cut five hundred words from each of the first two chapters.’

    The Jupiter Game is a first contact story with a twist: aliens have been watching us for thousands of years and we’re just about to catch them at it!

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