I had a marvelous time at Dragon*con.

Pat Henry and the convention committee did themselves proud by putting Mum up in the biggest suite she’s ever seen and all the Pern guard were marvelous in getting Mum to and fro without too many squished toes (mostly theirs).

I had a lot of fun on all my panels and really enjoyed the “Kid Lit” track, particularly our “Harry Potter Theories and Prophecies” panel.

We burned the midnight oil through the wee hours (and beyond) often playing “Are you a Werewolf?” in the Pern room ably moderated by Kristin, Steve, yours truly and Mackenzie.

Bill Fawcett and Jody Lyn Nye were there, too. We didn’t get much time to talk (is there ever enough time?) but it was nice to see them again.

Mum and I read the better part of the first three chapters of the rough draft of Dragon’s Fire. Rough drafts, are by their very nature, rough and this was no exception aided and abetted by our tired Monday eyes misreading and replacing several words.

Kat (aka Charlotte) strong-armed me into signing up to return next year. I believe her words were, “You are coming next year, aren’t you, Todd?” When you meet Kat you’ll understand why the only (safe) answer was “yes.” It’s always nice dealing with unbridled elemental forces — you know exactly where you stand (which is wherever they want).

In short, I had a blast and look forward eagerly to next year.

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