Letter from Torishia

Letter from Torishia

Um, hello!

I’m a student who absolutely loves the Dragonriders of Pern books! I just wanted to say that I think your books that follow up on your mom’s are really good! I’ve read them both and I love them! I’m writing two novels on my computer and I think I’m doing really well but I have a problem: I’m really getting along in my fantasy novel but it’s only about 40 pages! What am I doing wrong? If you could tell me I’d very much appreciate it!



P.S.: Any chance of an actual pern videogame where you could be a boy AND a girl?

Hi Torishia,

(What a great name!) Congratulations on writing! I’m not sure about your problem, however — what’s wrong with really getting along with your fantasy? Is it that it’s finished at 40 pages? If so, perhaps you should consider just leaving it as a novellette and seeing if one of the fantasy magazines, like “The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction” might be interested in it. Otherwise, if you really want it to be a full-length novel, you might want to consider where you could expand on the story to make it longer. I hope you keep up the good work!

As for a videogame of any sort, that depends upon someone wanting to make one. As the film rights for Pern have currently been optioned, I wouldn’t expect anything to happen until the film deal goes through — then look for a spin-off video game (or several).


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