Question from Lonnie

Question from Lonnie

 Mr. McCaffrey, I would just like to let you know I first read your dearly missed mother’s short story ‘The Smallest Dragonboy’ in my Tenth Grade English class and was IMMEDIATELY ENTHRALLED by Pern and its people, as well as so many of her other works that I have over forty of her books in my collection. (I SERIOUSLY need to take time to sort through my books and organize them by author for a more exact count). I was extremely lucky to acquire copies of Dragonsong and Dragondrums from the Harperhall series your mother had autographed at a convention for a co-owner of a sadly now closed local bookstore I’d frequented every payday for several years. I have always strongly recommended all the stories of Pern and its dragons as well as her other series to others at every opportunity and as long as any author’s work remains in publication I personally feel a portion of their spirit remains in this world, and I am certain such is the case for your mother.
Lonnie )

Dear Lonnie,

Thank you for your kind words!



P.S.: Just in case you didn’t know, my sister, Gigi, has her first book out in the Pern universe &mdash: Dragon’s Code.

P.P.S.: Lonnie, I usually try to keep privacy in mind and remove last names, emails and age. I do it not to make your post harder to find but because I wouldn’t like it if someone ued your post (or part of the information) to scam you.

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