Letter from Cindy

Letter from Cindy

Dear Mr. McCaffrey,

I am the mother of 2 teenage children. My daughter and I are totally enthralled by the “Pern” series originated by your mother. I have read and re-read them for the last 20 years. It seems, however, that I am missing a book and would like to obtain it; present sources, including on-line, have me stumped.

I am attempting to purchase ‘Dragonholder’, but the Chapters store here in Scarborough (near Toronto, Ontario, Canada) informs me that it is no longer in print. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I have managed to find out that ‘Dragon Harper’ was supposed to have been released last month, and that ‘After The Fall’ is due by the end of this year. Is this correct?

I have been an avid reader since childhood and have read a wide variety of books and authors in my 47 years, but I must say that absolutely nothing compares to the “Pern” books written by your mother and yourself. A university professor once told me that I had a photographic memory, which explains why prior to this I have found it difficult to re-read any book….not so with your books. Every year at Christmas time re-reading them is my gift to myself.

From my daughter, Keisha, and myself, a most sincere and heartfelt “Thank you” to both you and your mother for the hard work which gives us so many hours of pleasure.


Dear Cindy,

First, please call me Todd!

Dragonholder is not a Pern book, it’s a book about how Mum came to write the Pern books. And yes, sadly, it’s out of print and only available on places like eBay — for about twice its list price.

I’m not sure of the status of “After the Fall”, I know that Mum was working on it but she’s having trouble getting energy these days — she’ll be 82 in April. It may be that she and I work on it together.


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