Letter from Bats

Letter from Bats

Dear Todd,

At long last I’m able to write to you. Eros died, I have a new computer now, Horis.

I read the book that you wrote with your mum, just loved it, but I was really cranky
at that RUDE Dragon Rider, and was really surprised at the end, looking forward to the next one.


Dear Bats,

Eros is dead, long live Horis! I’m sorry to hear about your computer blues. It’s always traumatic for me when I have to break in a new computer.

The rude dragonrider returns in Dragonsblood. Of course, rude dragonriders existed in Dragonquest with some of the Oldtimers but they are not what we usually expect in a dragonrider, do we?

I’m glad you liked the book. I’ve just turned in the revisions to Dragonsblood to my editors, we’ll see how they like them.


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