Letter from Aimeee

Letter from Aimeee

Did you know that there is really a program called, “MetaSynth” ? … It’s for the MAC only… ( I’ve tried for years to get it for the PC and it’s a no go. ) … I experienced an earlier version of this program when I was taking a multimedia class at an Art School back in 1997-98…

When I started reading your mom’s books again (at the beginning of the year), it took a several books before I thought of the program and her metasynth ( actually took the Chronicles and a few after that with the metasynth info in it before “I got it”… *looking sheepish* … It’s a ‘recent occurrence’ for me in putting 2 and 2 together.) … I will bring the info on it to the writer’s workshop if you are interested/curious….


Hi Aimee!

I’m not surprised that there’s a program called “MetaSynth”, it’s a good name. Mum didn’t know about it when she wrote Dragonsdawn — possibly because the program was written after 1989 (when Dragonsdawn was published). Anyway, as I recall, metasynth is a drug or enhancement regimen, not a computer program.


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