What are the chances of a Pern movie?

What are the chances of a Pern movie?

Everyone would like to see a Pern movie. There have been at least a half dozen people who, over the years, have had the rights to make one or more books in the Dragonriders of Pern series into a movie or TV series.

Sadly, he truth is that it’s very difficult to get anything made in Hollywood, and more so when the budget is big. Mum’s film agent is always looking for likely candidates interested in the rights. Patience is required (blood pressure medicine helps) — remember that version of “The Wizard of Oz” with Judy Garland that we all know and love was actually the third film of the classic novel to be made.

The recent success of Avatar has made it more likely that Hollywood might be willing to see dragons fly.

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  1. The Pern series is something that I will always enjoy reading. I wish they would make movies or miniseries of these books. When I see what hollywood has to offer I usually cringe and think why can’t they ever make Great movies out of GREAT books??? Reader of Pern since 1986 over and over till I die!

  2. Hi, Todd. I hope this doesn’t sound dumb, but if Hollywood doesn’t want to remain true to the world that your mother and you have created, then can you go to other countries like Canada or the UK? I’ve recently read about Ronald Moore refusing to compromise the spirit of Pern just to get the name on a TV show and applaud his integrity. I have read all of the Pern novels and am currently re-reading them. I would love to see Lessa and F’lar on screen along with Ramoth, Mnementh and Canth.
    Anyway, I wish to thank you and your mother for giving us the world of Pern.

  3. My dad has been reading the Pern books most of his life and i started reading a few years ago and my family would really like to see a movie

  4. small typo I just noticed: Sadly, he truth is that it’s very……..

    shouldn’t he be the?

    sorry I see so many typos online, in the newspapers (shudder) and in the books I read.

  5. Melissa,

    Yup, it probably should. Now, if I had a better idea of where you found it, I’d fix it. (Typos happen.)

  6. Like many others, I have been waiting for years. One of the things I like best about your Mom’s writing is that I always see the story as I read. Unfortunately, all those I have cast into Dragonflight roles are now too old or sadly passed on (frankly, it will be hard to see anyone other than Dan Blocker as Fanderal).

    Anyway, now that filmmaking technology has reached the point that a credible Dragonriders movie can be made, I really look forward to it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it indeed happens this time, and doubly crossed that it doesn’t turn out another Dune.

  7. Broccal,

    Actually, the studio that has the rights is the Canadian studio, Copperheart. However, I think it’s important to understand that “staying true to the books” is a tall order. Fortunately, I think with David Hayter (whose wife is a long-term Pern fan), we stand a very good chance of getting the sort of script that will make us all proud.

  8. I agree it is a tall order. The wonderful thing about the books you and your mother have created is that they make us all go to our own Pern, I have escaped into your world so many times. I have multiple copes and they are all so tattered.

    That said, I would love to see Ruth and Jaxom’s story particularly (as well as Fiona’s!) made. For my 40th my brother painted a picture of me on Ruth (and me a lawyer!) http://www.joehill-art.com.

    My brother also won the Rhodes Island Film Festival Screen Writer award……

    So if the current arrangements don’t work out….?!


  9. My brother has painted another Pern inspired Dragon…
    But i only have a jpeg image of it!
    I would love to share it with you… but need to be able to email it. Any ideas?

  10. Kate,

    A lot of people put their artwork up on Deviant Art. Your brother could possibly do that, then you could share the link. (You’ll find a lot of Pern-inspired artwork on Deviant Art).

  11. So if I can find someone to make the original Pern trilogy into a movie epic series, you would definitely cooperate?

  12. Aledia,

    No. Mum very carefully chose Copperheart in a process that interviewed several potential buyers.

    — Todd

  13. Todd,

    Is there any update on this? I saw a news story last year that the movie was finally moving forward, but have not heard a follow up of any kind. Can you let us know an update even if that update is that the movie is still on, or off, or on hold?

  14. Alex,

    No, no updates. As I’ve said before, a lot of stuff is waiting for the Estate to get up and running.

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