If you do listen to music, what kinds? Does it ever get distracting? Have any of your books ended up with “Theme Songs?”

Well, I usually go for music I know very well. Often I go with instrumental music, particularly Tangerine Dream, sometimes Jean-Michel Jarre, and less often Fresh Aire (I find it’s easier to do drawings with Fresh Aire).Music with a great dynamic range (between soft and loud) is harder to use at Starbucks but I often use it at home (on headphones again).

Music I know well, even vocals, I can work with.

I listen to Yes, New Radicals, Stone Roses, Mike Oldfield, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Beethoven, Dvorak, Tschaichovsky, Mike Oldfield, Holst’s “The Planets” (particularly Jupiter), The Cranberries, The Goo Goo Dolls, and The Beatles.

One of my unpublished books had a song list but none of them have theme songs.


  1. LessaGal

    Thats awsome! I listen to the beattles and im only 14! im also in concert and jazz band so i tottally get that different dynamic levels is way more interesting.

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