Letter from Jackie

Letter from Jackie

Dear Todd,
I have written you before, but my letter hasn’t appeared on the letters page, and I decided to try again after noticing you have answered numerous letters and questions from the same person and I feel that my question deserves to be asked again. So, here goes.
I have to say, I’m disappointed in Dragonsblood. It was an amazing book, yes. But… there’s a HUGE plot hole and I just can’t enjoy the book without being completely blown away by how this could possibly have happened. You state in Dragonsblood that Wind Blossom is Kit Ping’s daughter. And that is just not right.
In Dragonsdawn, it was established that Wind Blosson was in fact Kit Ping’s GRANDdaughter. Growing up with Anne McCaffrey as your mother, growing up with these dragons and their riders, their lives linked with yours in such an intimate way, please tell me HOW that happened. I just cannot enjoy Dragonsblood because of this, and I love Pern. I love the simplicity of life, the love shared between dragon and rider, the beauty of the Southern Continent, even the terror thrill of Menolly tearing her feet to shreds outrunning the leading edge of Threadfall. I ache in my heart when a dragon is injured, and I cried, yes, cried when Brekke’s dragon queen died. So you can see, I hope, why such an avid fan would notice and question why such a plot hole could happen and not be corrected long before hitting the shelves. Please, please answer my letter this time.


Dear Jackie,

I suspect your original letter is somewhere in the queue but I’m jumping you ahead for this one.
If you search the various letter posted by other readers, you’ll see that you are not the first to bring this up. You would also see that my answer is: “The US edition has Wind Blossom as Kitti Ping’s granddaughter. That is incorrect. The UK edition correclty has Wind Blossom as Kitti Ping’s daughter. Mum got the correction into the UK edition and whenever Dragonsdawn goes back to print in the US, we will (hopefully) get it fixed.”
This “error” was found early and Mum made the final decision on it which, to paraphrase was: “I would never have had a grandmother be so mean to her granddaughter. The UK edition is right.”


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