Pern Map

Pern Map

I’ve been working on a Pern map for a while now and have been inspired to greater efforts with the upcoming presentation to the Office of Research Integrity’s annual convention coming up this October.

So, with Mum’s permission, I figured I’d share an early version of the map with you.

Here’s a small version of it:

Pern Map

You can get it full-size (1500 x 953) here (download with Right-click->Save Link As).

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  1. Not unless I win the lottery. Come to think of it, if I win the lottery, I’ll probably use the money to build a starship instead.

  2. Hello Todd,
    Looking forward to seeing your map completed. I recently purchased a 3d sculpting program and decided to use the world of Pern as subject matter to learn it. Eventhough I haven’t read any Pern books since All The Werys of Pern, I still have very fond memories of your mother’s books. In fact, it has been so long, I had not even realized you had already written several Pern books. Looking forward to reading them.
    Now to get to the point, I noticed that the 3d globe of Pern that I have seen at some of the fan sites uses the incomplete map of Pern, so my first goal was to remap the globe using the more complete version. While gathering references images, I came across your site and your map. It would be great to able to use it as a reference, with your permisson. I have already started with the various images I found on the internet, but since you are making a new map, it will be the most official. I was thinking about posting what progress I have on one of the fan websites. I won’t post any images with your map unless I get permission, but of course I have already mapped it on sphere. Looking forward to to the next update, and to readin your books. Sorry for the long post.

  3. i have an image of pern as seen from space. i sent it to you once before and wondered if you had ever seen it?would you like me to resend it to you? its really beautiful and i keep it as my desktop background.

  4. As long as you’re doing it for fun and not for profit, I’ve no problem as long as you clearly acknowledge that the map is copyright 2010 by Todd J. McCaffrey. I have made a 3D mapping using modo but I haven’t gotten around to getting all the tweaks I want done.

  5. Yes, definitely for fun. I tried this map. It looks pretty good, pole distortion dosn’t look to bad either. I’d like to see how modo handles the distortion at the poles. Just out of curiosity, are you going to include any of the major mountain ranges in the southern hemisphere?

  6. Mouser, I don’t recall. Respectfully, though, I’ll pass. I’ve been doing work with modo and Photoshop to visualize Pern and the other planets of the system, so I’m rather burnt out on those types of images.

  7. Hi Todd,

    I am also a Fan of your mother’s Books. I have read Dragonsong 4 times and just recently acquired the whole Harper Hall Trilogy. I also would love to use your mothers world of Pern to learn my 3d Software, Blender 3D, The Address is This is Free Open Source Software. They also just recently developed an Ocean Simulation Build of Blender which is just superb and looks very realistic when rendered with proper Textures and Lighting.

    Do you know were I might find some really good reference images of Menolly and her Firelizards? Most of the pictures I have found are very difficult to see any details. And of course I do not plan on any monetary gain, it is strictly for learning purposes. And just because I love Menolly and her Firelizards so much, lol.

    AKA: Raven Whitehawk

  8. Fred,

    You might find some reference images in a copy of Robin Wood’s People of Pern. I believe it’s out of print, so you’d have to search. Some of the older copies of Dragonsong and Dragonsinger might have good images.

    I prefer Luxology’s modo over Blender. While Blender’s free, it’s also very hard to learn. I prefer modo‘s user interface.

  9. Thanks Todd,

    I think I saw a copy of people of Pern at, I will check it out, thanks again.

    Also a Wonderful artist at Deviant Art has made a wonderful line drawing of the anatomy of a FireLizard. I think he is still working on a color version. here is the link incase you are interested in seeing it.

    I hope you Enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it.

    AKA: RavenWhitehawk

  10. Was this ever completed? When I click the link it says “Page not Found” and the image I download wont open saying the file is corrupt?

    I’d love to see a great map of Pern in high detail 🙂

  11. Sorry, I’d moved things around and missed updating this link. It’s updated, you can see it (and get it) now.

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