Letter from Doug

Mr. McCaffery:

I read your FAQ, and your sainted mother’s FAQ, but my question wasn’t there.

Before I waste your time with my personal story of how your mother’s story of Pern came into my life and stayed with me though a 14 year of military career, college, being a parent, and is still with me now as I work at a university and set up web sites for local people that cannot afford the wild rates charged by most providers, let me tell you why I am writing you.

I have a book I want to read. It hasn’t been written, so I am writing it. I know you and your mother could do a much better job. It just seems to be begging to be written.

I was taken with the question of where now after “All The Wyers of Pern” and “The Skies of Pern.”

Ruth seemed a logical starting point. Ruth needed a mate. “She is a green dragon. I have already out flown her.” No contest, no interest.

I wanted to read another book about Ruth and Jaxom, so I started writing it. I am not a writer by trade. I am an editor. I am currently editing a book for a friend on Vietnam.

Hi Doug,

I’m sorry but I’m not interested in taking someone else’s story. Even if I were interested, the legal ramifications are just too horrendous to contemplate. Beyond this, Mum has said repeatedly that Ruth is a sport — he has no interest in sex and can’t mate (he’s sterile).

If you want to write, write in your own universe. You’ll find it much more rewarding.

As for any follow-on stories from “All the Weyrs of Pern” or “The Skies of Pern”, I think that’s the perogative of my mother. If you’ve read my website carefully, you’ll note a couple of instances where I mentioned how Mum tends to be very possessive of her characters — and rightly so, I think, as she’s got the best sense of them.

Also, it is incredibly rude to force a story on someone without even first asking their permission. I have had to delete your whole message from my mailbox and have only reproduced a portion of your original message here. You may also have noticed if you read through my website, that I’ve told people that I cannot read their stories — I don’t have time and I really can’t get involved in the potential legal hassle.

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