Yay! Press Release!

Yay! Press Release!

Hi All,

Oh, this is waaayyyy cool!

David Hayter, of X-Men fame, has agreed to come aboard as the screen writer for Dragonflight.

Also, Don Murphy, who has worked both on Splice and Transformers (as well as lots of other stuff) has joined the team as an executive producer.

This is a major milestone in the production of a full-length Pern film.

You can read the Press Release (and more) here.

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  1. This is so exciting! I can’t wait for your books to be made into a movie. I’ve been a loyal reader for years, I have all the books and it’s the only series that I continually read over and over again. I can understand why it has taken so long to bring it to life on the big screen, the books need a proper portrayal otherwise it’s not worth making, but this news is huge. 🙂

  2. Oh, wow! At last, I heave a sigh of relief to read there is movement in the movie world! I just hope they portray the Dragons correctly. I am sure you and Anne will ensure the artwork is to the correct specification though. I wonder, the older lists where we chose which actors to do which character would come in handy? This has made my year!

  3. Oh thank God! I was seeking you out today to say it’s about damn time for Movie!!!! Yay!!! I found your Mother’s books when I was 11.. and stole that first trilogy from the church library. (rescued it really from the burn pile). I’ve been a fan for 30 years; still own the video game; written fan fiction (for myself only) and now have introduced my son to the series. He’s been talking about the need for a movie and how great the effects would be now that we have the technology to DO the dragons justice.

    Color me happy!


  4. So happy and joyous to hear this. I discovered Dragon Flight in late 80’s and have read every book since. I keep coming back for more…..Pern shall live!!

  5. We yet live in hope. I’ve been reading Pern books at least since DragonSong came out (at least, that’s the first one I read, and DragonSinger hadn’t yet been published) and loving them. I’m so glad that Anne has allowed Todd to extend the history of Pern. But… I remember previous reports of a tv series and/or a movie (the name Atlantis sticks in my mind?) that never came to fruition. I really hope the new mob gets the SFX right, and the casting too! Where are we supposed to write to suggest casting?

  6. Finally! I have been waiting for years for this to come to be! I hope you manage to get the right director for this. Maybe Guillermo del Toro? He definately has the chops and did quite well with handling the Hellboy flicks and as a hardcore comic book fan, I can say that we are notoriously hard to please (see…oh every comic book movie ever made). As for the cast…To get the right amount of box office draw I hope they cast some really big names for the Dragonriders of the past while keeping the main cast relatively unknown actors and actresses. Whatever happens this flick is going to be subject to massive scrutiny. Think about it, this books been out since 1968, so long that we actually have to say “nineteen sixty eight” when referring to the year. I don’t think there are many authors who have so consistantly put out works and definately few are the authors who have been able to pass thier worlds into the hands of thier supremely talented offspring.

  7. Michael,

    The choice of director is more in the hands of the producer than in Mum’s. Fortunately, we’re all convinced that she picked the right producer.

  8. Jen in Oz,

    The TV series didn’t work out.

    I’m not so much worried about the SFX as I am about the acting, and the story. Great SFX will do nothing for bad acting or a bad story.

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