Albedo One

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned Albedo One before. It’s the award-winning Irish “magazine of the Fantastic” which has been publishing since 1993 (nearly 20 years).

I’ve had the honour (that’s the Irish/English spelling) of having one of my early stories published by them — Why I Shot My Car — and just recently wrote a wild short piece that came to me in a dream.

Well, I sent it off and they read it and have decided that “Despite the fact that there’s no SF in it, or horror (really) or fantasy, we really liked the story and would love to accept it for a future issue of the magazine.”

So at some point in the future, expect to see the totally non-Pern story, The Terrorist In My Kitchen appear under that august banner.

I’ll let you know the exact date when I get it or you can reward yourself by subscribing to the magazine and getting surprised not only by my piece but also by works from the famous Mike Resnick (who will be the 2012 World Science Fiction Convention Guest of Honor) and a host of other notable and soon-to-be-notable writers.

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