Six Cover

Six is a collection of six short stories:

The One Tree of Luna
Why I Shot My Car
Stone the Crows

I realized that some people might like to have stories like Stone the Crows readily available. Some might even like to have it in paperback.

I’ve uploaded both Kindle and Nook versions which are available on their respective websites.

You can also get it as a trade paperback through and from and most booksellers (tell them it’s EAN13 9781468143157 or ISBN 1468143158).

As you can see, the cover for the trade paperback is different than for the eBooks. That’s because (sadly) eBook readers don’t handle color gradients very well — in fact, they turn them into (very) yucky bars.

The covers come out something like this.


  1. gorky

    I just got the proof copy in today. It looked good, so I’ve approved it. You should be able to find it at shortly or order it from your independent bookseller, ISBN: 978-1468143157.

  2. Kris Dobie

    I was so lucky to get my copy of SIX straight from Todd himself… have read all the stories multiple times & enjoyed each greatly… I have told each son that if they wanted a Happy Mom then one or the other should/will acquire a copy of Sky Dragon. when it was available!!! later K. Dobie.

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