Letter from Terry

Letter from Terry

Hi Todd!

I REALLY enjoyed Dragonsblood. In fact, having read it, I was so reluctant to leave Pern that I am now re-reading ALL the other books on Pern (I think I have each and every one your mother and/or you have written).

I am so glad you and your mother elaborated on the watch-whers in Dragon’s Kin. For me they have always been a case of “so ugly they’re cute”. As a trainer of horses, it is hard for me to read about a sensitive, intelligent entity being so maligned and misunderstood as the watch whers typically are on Pern. Any chance there will be a book about Nuella and her work with the watch-whers?


Hi Terry!

Oooh, I do so love it when someone asks a great leading question! Yes, indeed, there will be a book with Nuella and her work with watch-whers. You might have noticed that in Dragonsblood her watch-wher is referred to as a gold, not a green. That’s NOT a typo (snif).

However, right now Mum and I are working on “Dragon’s Fire” and after that we’ll be working on “Dragon’s Harp” (or “Dragon’s Heart” — names are always subject to change).

I suspect after that I’ll be going back to follow on from Dragonsblood before I write more of the prequels. But we’ll see.


P.S.: I’m glad that you liked Dragonsblood and that it’s inspired you to go back and read the whole series! Wow, what a compliment!

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