Letter from Dee

Letter from Dee

WOW! It’s more than “OK” Todd. I’ve overwhelmed by the responses. The “Dee-John” notation gave me a fit of giggling that my boyfriend hasn’t seen in weeks. Thank you! We’re just online today after a week’s absence. I do greatly appreciate seeing such kindnesses here upon returning.

We’re settling into our new place – it was just too difficult living where we were (with my late-boyfriends’ parents) and we pushed up the moving to this past Sunday. We ran out of energy and bodies to do the lifting, so it’ll finish off in spirts over the next weeks as time, energy, money and space permit (our new place is small but it’s OURS).

I did find my ‘library’ and most of the books are salvageable – some not. My darling sweetheart has said our first ‘extra’ money is going to DragonsBlood and he now has a curiousity to read the books himself.

I never expected to be in this position at 40 yrs of age but the kindness of others has definately shown me that there are wonderously large hearts out there and good people who own them. May the deities bless you all a thousand fold.


PS: What’s “KT”?

Hi Dee!

I’m glad to hear that some of your books are salvageable. Really cherished books can no more be replaced than puppies or kittens. Hopefully you’ll find books that’ll fill the holes in your library.

One of the things that I truly love about people is that they pull together unstintingly in the face of a crisis. Pern fans seem to rise above all others in their kindness (maybe the books are self-selecting).

As to your question, What’s KT? KT is the abbreviation to Kitchen Table also known as Kitchen Table Live, or Kitchen Table Bulletin Board. The Kitchen Table was part of Mum’s website when it seemed a requirement to keep strict control on anything related to Pern — or lose any chance of possibly seeing a Pern film. Fortunately, particularly when looking at Harry Potter fandom, it’s become clear that such strict policing isn’t necessary and we’ve relaxed such tight controls. Nowadays there are several websites devoted to discussing Mum’s various works.

Here’s a brief list:

Pernese Friends
Anne McCaffrey Fans
A Meeting of Minds
Benevolent Protective Order of Ilk
Pern Fandom Forums


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