Letter from Beth

Letter from Beth

I know that you are a creator and not a historian but I wonder could you tell me where “Dragon’s Blood” and “Red Star Rising” fit in the time line?
Secondarily – After reading some of the letters to you – I find that there is a volume titled “Dragonholder” of which I have never before heard. Synopsis (or someplace I could find one) please?

Thanks again for working with your Mother, and continuing her wonderful creation of Pern.


Hi Beth,

“Red Star Rising”, known in the States as “Dragonseye” takes place in the Second Pass, while Dragonsblood takes place at the beginning of the Third Pass.

“Dragonholder” is a non-fiction book, like a scrapbook about Mum and how she came to create the dragons and Pern. Sadly, it’s out of print and is only available used.


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