Letter from Marie

Letter from Marie

Dear Todd –

At my rich ol’ age of 70 I have been a fan of your mom’s for years, read all her books on Pern and other series as well as her very first ones. They are keers on my library shelves. I just dropped your ‘mom’an E-mail from her site which is up and going again giving you high praise for your first written alone book and for her work on all her books which I’ve enjoyed. My husband used to say when he saw a new Anne McCaffery “Oh good heavens, it’s bread and water for dinner for the next 72 hours” he knew I wouldn’t come up for air, much less cook until I’d finished the book. Now I want to tell you what a great job you did on Dragonsblood. I just finished it and it was as if Anne were writing it herself. You are truely a Pern writer. I knew when I saw the work the two of you did on Dragon’s Kin and your writing of Dragonholder that you were a ‘given’ as a Pern writer. I am so glad that ‘mom’ decided to let you walk on and in her special world of Pern.!

I am eagerly awaiting your next venture onto that world, wither it be a dule writing or one of your own I’ll read it. Great going and best wishes for a long and fruitful career as a Pern writer. How wonderful to have a son that can carry on the legacy when needed.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Marie,

It’s funny that your husband should say that — whenever Mum was really into a book, we’d discover ourselves making our own meals (and this is before microwaves!).

I’m glad that you liked Dragonsblood, it’s good to know that I pass muster with such a discerning and dedicated fan!

Mum and I are working on Dragon’s Fire and then it’s on to Dragon’s Harp (or Heart, we haven’t figured which), so it’ll be a while before I return to deal with the aftermath of Dragonsblood. Still, with your kind words, I’ll find it easier to work!


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