Letter from Lyssa

Mr. McCaffrey,

I am a great fan of your mother’s work and have also read your continuation of the Pern series, which I also very much enjoy.

I was interested in maybe writing a short story based around your mother’s Crystal Singer’s series and try to follow a different Singer who maybe has some connection to Killa. I wanted to ask your permission to actually submit it for publication (possibly beyond my school’s lit magazine).

I wouldn’t outright snag things from her work but would very much like to spring off her multi-verse with the FSP and Ballybran. I have wanted to write a Sci-fi short story for some time and your mother’s multi-verse is one that has captivated me for almost a decade. I discovered Dragon Song in my 6th grade reading class and have been slowly reading your mother’s book series since. I would appreciate a reply but understand having a busy schedule. Thank you for continuing your mother’s work. I enjoy what you have produced thus far and look forward to more from you.

Lyssa Beck


I’m afraid that’s not possible.

If you’re hoping to become a writer you owe it to yourself to become familiar with copyright law.

While writing in someone else’s universe allows all sorts of cool shortcuts and provides neat backgrounds, it ultimately is not as rewarding as creating your own universe.

Wen Spencer, who wrote Alien Taste and other marvelous stories, started writing Pern fan-fiction. Seanan McGuire who has gone on to make quite a name for herself with both her October Daye series and her Discount Armaggedon series started writing Buffy fan-fiction.

I wish you luck in writing in your own universe. If you’re writing short fiction, you might want to consider submitting your work to L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future (Mum was a judge).

Todd McCaffrey

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