Recommended Reading List

Recommended Reading List

David Gerrold and I came up with a quick and dirty recommended reading list. Here it is.

NOTE: Some of these are short stories or other works that will be found in anthologies.

Novel (or Work) Author
Have Spacesuit Will Travel Robert A. Heinlein
Stranger in a Strange Land
Starship Troopers
The Door Into Summer
Time for the Stars
Shockwave Rider John Brunner
The Sheep Looked Up
Stand On Zanzibar
Cities in Flight Jame A. Blish
The Man in the High Castle Philip K. Dick
Bug Jack Barron Norman Spinrad
The Left Hand of Darkness Ursula K. LeGuin
The Man Who Folded Himself David Gerrold
Childhood’s End Arthur C. Clarke
Rendezvous with Rama
Ringworld Larry Niven
The Foundation Trilogy Isaac Asimov
“I, Robot”
The Naked Sun
The Caves of Steel
Lord of Light Roger Zelazny
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury
October Country
The Martian Chronicles
Dune Frank Herbert
Ender’s Game Orson Scott Card
Dragonflight Anne McCaffrey
The Ship Who Sang
The Catch Trap Marion Zimmer Bradley
When Gravity Fails George Alec Effinger
More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon
Venus Plus X
The Day of the Triffids John Wyndham
The Midwich Cuckoos
The Long Afternoon of Earth Brian W. Aldiss
Dearthworld Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat
Hospital Station James White
Repent Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman Harlan Ellison
Gateway Frederick Pohl
Not this August Cyril Kornbluth
Alas Babylon Pat Frank
Fear! L. Ron Hubbard
The Warrior’s Apprentice Lois McMaster Bujold
Martians Go Home! Henry Kutner
Who Goes There? John W. Campbell
The Stars My Destination Alfred W. Bester
The Demolished Man
The Martian Odyssey Stanley G. Weinbaum
The Wanderer Fritz Leiber
The Big Tide
Conjure Wife
Earth David Brin
Startide Rising
A Fire Upon the Deep Vernor Vinge
Seven Views of Oldavai Gorge Michael Resnick
Nightwings Robert Silverberg
Macroscope Piers Anthony
The Door Into Fire Diane Duane
So You Want to be A Wizard
Time Storm Gordon R. Dickson
Starquake Robert L. Forward
A Mission of Gravity Hal Clement
Fire Time Poul Anderson
Tau Zero
Titan John Varley

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