Letter from Tara

Letter from Tara

I’ve never written to an author, so this’s a first.

Loved Dragonsblood and how it wrapped up some loose ends. My jaw was hanging wide open, literally, the last half of the book! Am looking forward very much to new Pern books!

Just wanted to drop this tidbit in… I started reading the Pern books in the sixth grade and after devouring them all, moved on to Anne’s other universes. I discovered the Talents, and being a typical kid drooled over the silver locks Rhyssa, Damia, and Damia’s children all have. I wanted one of my own so I could identify with them! Although, I never did dare assume I had any vestige of Talent.

Then I actually started sprouting some white hairs! nearly ten years later, as a 22-year-old, I have my own thick chunk of natural white hair at the top of my head, near the bangs area. Quite odd, since I’m very much a brunette and none of my family exhibits any gray til past 50.

Wouldn’t it be amusing if reading Anne’s Talent books had actually helped me LOOK like Damia (as on the paperback’s cover)??

Just thought I’d mention that as a daily dose of bizarre and amusing.

Dear Tara,

I’m glad you liked Dragonsblood. Mum and I are currently working on Dragon’s Fire which follows on from Dragon’s Kin.

Hmm, are you sure you’re not a Talent? I mean, didn’t your hair change color the way you wanted?


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