Letter from Nhorad

Letter from Nhorad

Dear Todd…

Yes, money is our friend!! However, no one ever wants to do what it takes to get it! But, I’m willing. ‘Tis good to know that your daughter reads manga as well, tell me, do you know what her favorite is? Mine is Dragon Hunter, but that’s pretty much the only one I’ve ever read, save for Dragon Hunter. Though I wasn’t too impressed with Dragon Hunter, too confusing, too..how shall I say this…unusual. I’m buying as many books as I can! (both yours and manga) But, when I’m done, I’m thinking about going on to dragon treasures and anime, maybe some movies too. Oh, about that book, yah, I’ve been a little busy with work and all, but ’tis not over yet!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

Your Drakonic Friend..


Dear Nhorad,

My daughter is reading all sorts of manga (although nothing rated more than “teen” and only after I’ve had a quick glance to make sure that there isn’t anything that might hit her “yuck” button).

Remember that writing the book is only part of the process. You can be thinking about it, too.


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