Dragon*con is an on-going Science Fiction and Media convention occurring annually in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception, it has provided a special home for all things Anne McCaffrey and Pern.

The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey track at Dragon*con is a yearly event attended by Anne McCaffrey and Pern fans.  It’s so popular that it has its own livejournal here.

Dragon*con has, typically, in excess of 35,000 attendees and caters to a wide-range of audiences. If you’ve ever wondered about fan conventions, this is one of the better ones available.

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  1. just wondering if the Mccaffries have an itinerary for Dragoncon. wondering which day and where i could see them, maybe have them sign some books. I began reading Ann’s work in the very late sixties ans early seventies and have very happily been able to enrich my daughters love of reading and now very many young adults.My daughter and son-in-law have a used book store and we can’t hardly get and never keep Pern books on the shelf. I would love to be able to have some of my books autographed,

  2. Tammy,

    We</em don't have our itineraries yet. Everything's in flux. I do know that the plan is for Mum to have a signing, so your best bet will be to grab the program guide when it gets out and find that.

  3. Since you mother will not be at DragonCon in Atlanta. Will you be there to sign some of your work? We will only be there Sat and Sunday,Selt3 & 4. My boys will be ther while I am out guiding my wife around Atlanta. I will send a couple of books with them. I have a few books your mother signed for me a few years ago.
    Tim Clemons
    Nahville, TN

  4. Hello Todd my wife is a big fan and well I have been gone for a while Iraq. While I was there we lost everything in a house fire I am slowly getting everything back. And yes one of the big ones was all her books. Now I have never heard of this dragon con please let me know when and where this is I would love to try to get my wife there for at least one. It would make her very happy and as you know when she is happy I am doing good. LOL Thanks

  5. I did a crazy and bought my Dragon Con ticket for 2012. It’s a bit spendy for someone from Oregon, but hope to attend some of the writing seminars. Was pleased to have heard you and your mum speak (left my condolences on your Pern page, but you, your sis, and your family’s have me sympathy). Have you ever considered doing a one or two hour seminar? Katherine Kurtz did one at DC and is was great. Would love to hear you speak on plot development, protagonists, bad guys, space opera vs high tech. If not at Dragon Con, how about doing a west coast seminar some time? Dean Wesley Smith, in Lincoln City, puts on a killer “Death by Writing” workshop. Would love to host you up here in Oregon. Anyway, just wondering. Kelly T

  6. Congratulations on Dragon*con! You may find that at the “Anne McCaffrey’s Worlds” aka Weyrfest track, you get your wish for a talk on plot development et al.

    There’s also a writer’s workshop at the beginning of the weekend (check the Dragon*con web page for announcements) which might interest you.


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