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  1. how lovely of you to post them for her fans. I have and have read every Pern book written, also the Killashandra series and several others. She will be really really be missed by all of her fans . Thanks, Norma

  2. Wonderful pictures, thank you for showing them, Great Backyard!!!! Have been re-reading ALL her books and your books too, perfect timing for a new book. Thank You.

    Saw Robinton and F’nor in the pictures, which got me to wondering when we might get to read her final story on Lessa and F’lar.

  3. Thank you for letting me, one of Anne’s devoted fans, be a part of her life. I treasure these pictures. I just purchased Sky Dragons and am re-reading the entire Dragons of Pern for the third time before I started the Sky Dragons. I feel honoured to view the words that Anne pain-stakely wrote day after day. Her worlds are like no other and Pern is the place I’d like to be for I have dragonblood running through my veins.

  4. Such sadness I have, learning of Ms Anne’s passing. I have been a fan of her works for more than 25 years. I have almost every word she has ever written. I also have the works of her son. The last 2 books, Dragons Time and Sky Dragons, were given to me the 17th of July just passed as a birthday gift. I seen the web sight and here I am..I will miss her words greatly. I’ve read some of these books so many times I’ve memorized them. Rest in Peace dear Dragon lady. Love and positive energy sent to the family via dragon wings!!

  5. Thank you for sharing, Todd. And thank you for continuing the Pern saga. I started collecting Anne’s books in the ’70s and believe I have all of them, except the cook book. And now I am collecting yours, too… may have to build another bookcase. I look forward to many more.

  6. I think your Mum was working on that quilt on the afternoon I visited in June, 2010. 🙂

  7. After having Anne McCaffrey’s incredible imagination and writing as a vital part of my life for so long (I’m 61), it was with instant and deep grief that I learned recently that she had passed away almost a year ago. I know she is well and happy “on the other side”, but I will constantly miss her genius on this side of the veil. As I type through my tears, I thank “The Powers That Be” that gave two of her children her talent for writing. I would like to think that, in all the wide universe, there are worlds that exist that Anne created just by her genius and love. My heartfelt condolences to her family.

  8. Great memories of a great lady. I was vert sad to learn of your mother’s death more than a year after it happened. I thank you for sharing your personal memories with her extended family (her fans and readers).

  9. thank you for sharing the pics, thought of your mum all day on our last birthday( she and I shared April 1,)I miss the thought of her being out there at dragon-hold writing of Pern or one of the other worlds she brought to life.You carry on her legacy wonderfully.

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