Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff

This page contains links to stuff that I’ve put online for your enjoyment, particularly wallpaper versions of some of the newsletter banners I’ve used and a couple of maps of Pern.

For most things you’ll want to <right-click> and <Save Link As> to download the (large) files.

Dragonholder 2MB (Ad)

The Jupiter Game 3MB (Ad)

Winter Wyvern 3MB (Ad)

The One Tree Of Luna 3MB (Ad)

Here’s the Thing (from Dragonholder)

Eastern Isle (723 kB)

Pern Northern Continent (142 kB)

View from Benden (301 kB)

Three dragons (1.0 MB)

 Igen Sunrise (398 kB)

And this is from some place not at all related to Pern:

 View From a Distant Moon (261 kB)

 Crystal Ship (63kB)

 Ice World (364kB)

 Cover for The One Tree of Luna (499kB)

 Escort Duty (332kB)

 Sea View (551kB)

 Sea Hill (845kB)

 Eagle Roughlands (573kB)

 Eagle Valley (230kB)

6 Replies to “Cool Stuff”

  1. hi the map… um a couple of things…. where ru around may of next year? i go tot a local Sci-fi convention “Miscon ” and it has severral medevil groups running around it lol also: is it possible for a dragon or a fire lizard to rebond/impress with another human?

    Im running a game in which an empath is supposed to return a firlelizard to pern, but since the race being played is deeply empathic, would the fire lizard that rejected an evil owner re impress with the empath? same for a dragon in another sinserio for an possible “impossible” to survive meeting… afroenmd whom is a starfleet captain thinks to steal ruth… he thinks there would be little consequneses to such an effort while I think it’d be like trying to “b-slap” Lessa in front of Ramoth, F’lar and Nememnth lol itd be a big ol mess for the offender… if so just how bad? the guy is confident he could draw a phazer before jaxom could get him with a belt knife.. a show here suggests that under 18 feet and a knife fighter has a good chance of making things “diffcult” for the other guy lol

    lastly, I dont know if you are “looking,” but there is a movie “jumper,” which is about a teen whom can basically go “between” places.. the effect they use to make him “jump” might be a good one to show dragons going beteween for the movie…

  2. Kevin,

    Glad you liked the map!

    I had not heard of Miscon but, prompted by your enthusiasm, I’ve looked it up. It looks like it’s going to be a marvelous convention with both Jim Butcher and Patrica Briggs — two of my favorite authors — in attendance.

    As for your first question, is it possible for a dragon or fire-lizard to re-bond/Impress with another human? The answer for dragons seems to be: no. For fire-lizards, the answer is probably yes. If you’ve read Dragon’s Kin you’ll see what happens with watch-whers (who’ve had bad press).

    As for the game you’re running: I’m sorry but I’m not going to get involved because I think part of running a game is learning how to negotiate with people and resolve differences.

    With regards to movies, special effects will be left in the province of the producer. If they ask me, I have my own opinions and will give them but I thank you for the suggestion.


  3. Todd,
    I’ve worked on maps of Pern over many years,with help from your Mum on occasion. We’ve met on occasion at D*C..(it’s been several years though and I’m sure you wouldn’t remember me).What’s the chance that you could pinpoint the location of *Sky Weyr*? The map included in the book has only the camp and rocky promontory.

  4. It is about time!! I just learned about the movie about these amazing stories. I have dreamed for 20 plus years and now the movie industry has caught up with you and your mothers dream to let the world know the joys of these books. I just wish it could extent to creating firelizards. I really want one. But if wishes were dragons everyone with empathy would fly. I’ll just keep dreaming.
    You took the mantle of Pern without a hitch. If I didn’t know better I would have thought your mum was still writing. Great job!!
    Later, Horsetrainer

  5. Todd,
    The Pern series is still my favorite read. I liked the other series too – especially the Powers That Be series. Look forward to the next books that I know are a’comin’.
    Been waiting for the movie to come out. I check on the IMDB every now and again to see when and where – seems to indicate sometime in 2013. The movie will NEVER be as good as the books, but I hope they don’t botch it like they did with Myst of Avalon.
    Your Mum will always live in her books. My Mum passed away when she was 62 of cancer in 1982 and I still miss her. My Papa passed away in 2002 – he was 85 [managed to outlive 2 wives!] I miss his big bear hugs.
    Here is a mental hug to you too.

  6. Kat,

    There’s another map which should be in the book (in the middle) which includes the remaining Weyrs.

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