Month: January 2010

Navigation and Features of the website

Navigation and Features of the website

Hello, and welcome!

This is a quick post to get you up to speed with the navigation and features of this website.

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When you first get to the site, you’ll see:

  • Home brings you to the Home page which is my main blog.
  • Todd McCaffrey is both a page and a menu. If you hover over it, you’ll see the sub-menu items:
  • appearances, biography, publications, faq, contact

    • Appearances which displays my upcoming Appearances and has a sub-menu for the past appearances.
    • Biography which displays the marvelous biography created by Angel Adams.
    • Publications which lists my publications.
    • FAQ Go here for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Contact which is the link to the contact page where you can email me.

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If you look to the right of the page, you’ll see a bunch of widgets:

These widgets are moveable: You can move them up and down for convenience. If you hover of the widget, your cursor will change to a four-way moving arrow and then you can move the widget. Click on the “>” to expand the widget’s contents, or “<” to collapse.

I’d like to draw your attention to two widgets in particular: Polls; Translate.

I’ll be posting polls from time to time on the website and you can take them with the Polls widget.

Finally, if English isn’t your native language, I’ve got a Translate widget which uses Google Translate to automatically translate the pages — even into Chinese and Irish!

Happy webbing!

Letter from Betty

Letter from Betty

Thank you so much for Dragonheart. Read it in one go last night and finished this morning. Please tell me that there is a sequel to this book. Will they find a cure for the dragon sickness? Will Fiona and her dragon mate with T’mar? Was it her that “talked” to her and was it her that took them back in time?

I have read your mothers books for years and have loved them all. Keep up the good work.

Dear Betty,

Thank you! Rest assured, there is a sequel — Dragongirl is scheduled to come out this July, 2010 and will answer some of your questions about T’mar and Fiona. There’s also a “sidequel,” Dragonsblood, which deals more directly with the search for a cure to the illness.


Letter from Janie

Letter from Janie


I was going through this site and I looked at publications and I can’t believe it. I missed Dragonsblood. So I am happy. I have another Pern book to read. YEAH!!! Thank you so much for your books.



Great! I hope you enjoy it. It starts at the same time as Dragonheart but goes in a very different direction!

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