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  1. What are the chances of a Pern movie?
  2. Has anyone contacted Peter Jackson about doing a Pern movie?
  3. What is the complete list of Pern books in the order they are supposed to be read?
  4. Are you planning on writing a lot of Pern novels?
  5. Are you planning on writing on your own worlds?
  6. Which conventions are you planning on attending?
  7. How do I get published?
  8. Have you ever had writer’s block, and how do you deal with it?
  9. How do you keep yourself from losing interest halfway through what you’re working on, or going off in too many directions?
  10. Do you listen to music while you write?
  11. If you do listen to music, what kinds? Does it ever get distracting? Have any of your books ended up with “Theme Songs?”
  12. Which do you find to be the better route to selling your first novel, approaching publishers yourself or finding an agent?
  13. How much do you revise your work between first draft and publication?
  14. I have an idea for a Pern book, can I send it to you? Or will you write it for me?

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  1. Hello!

    When I tried to click on the links to the FAQ it said that something hadn’t worked.

    Just wanted to be helpful.

    -Kaitlyn Clark

  2. Kaitlyn, thanks! Good catch! I’d forgotten to update those links, they’re fixed now.

  3. Melinda,

    Dragon’s Time is currently scheduled for release June 28th, 2011. (Dragon’s Time is the new name for what was Dragonrider.)

  4. Todd, on your main page, you have a couple of broken links. From the Todd McCaffrey page, (the page that says, if you’re looking for…), the link for “Appearances”, as well as the 3 links in the next paragraph do not work. You might need to fix those as well 🙂

  5. Todd, Is Dragon’s Time the same as Dragon’s Night? I am a member of LibraryThing and they have an unpublished title as Dragon’s Night that is linked to Dragon’s Time audio version on Amazon.

    Your Mom’s site has bot been updated for quite awhile… I hope she is healthy and thriving. I adore you both. I just finished Moreta, again, this morning. I have been reading and re-reading the Pern books since the early 80s. It has been awhile since the last time and I had forgotten how emotional I would get. Now, on to Nerilka’s Story. Looking forward to your new releases! ♥ tc

  6. Will there be a teaser section/preview of Dragon’s Time out anywhere any time soon? I am very glad that more of the Pern series is coming to light as well, and I must congratulate you on a wonderful segue from your mothers work to yours. Far to often a series with more than one author doesn’t have the same mindset from book to book, which makes them hard/irritating to follow, but Pern is wonderfully clear and thought-out. Keep them coming please!

    Happy fan 🙂

  7. Will any of your future books pick up the Pern story your mother started?

  8. Tani,

    No. I don’t know how the title Dragon’s Night crept into the universe; it was a title that was bantered about at one point but the idea behind it was never developed.

    — Todd

  9. Hey Real,

    Thanks for catching that! I think I’ve got all the broken links fixed now.

    — Todd

  10. Hi Todd,

    I love both yours and your mothers Dragonrider books. I have been reading them for years and I have them all as ebooks now. I haven’t carried a paperback since I learned about pda’s back in 2001.

    I know this question I am asking isn’t on one of your books but one of your mothers. A couple of years ago, it was announced that one more book was coming out in the ninth pass. I guess the tentative title was “After The Fall Was Over”. Will this book ever be released? I know that your mom is getting up there in years. I do hope she is well. She has been one of my favorite authors for years. I also can’t wait for your future books to come out.

    Thanks in advance,

  11. Marc,

    “After the Fall is Over” has been on Mum’s radar for a long while but with TIA’s, knee replacements, hip replacements and all the indignities of aging, it has been hard for her to get the energy needed to work on it.

  12. Dear Todd, I was so sorry to hear your mother had passed away. She was a lovely lady and I truly enjoyed meeting her in Dragonhold under Hill. I hold fond memories of her in my heart (and library;-)) Please extend my best wishes to Alec and Georgeanne. Fond regards, Sadhbh

  13. oh todd? i remembered one other thing… I discovered a group of singing women called “celtic woman” and their last DVD “songs of the heart” was filmed in county wicklow ireland..isnt that near anne’s dragonhold? or did she see them perform(part of their performance was fireworks by a castle that people can visit) I think they should be in the movie.. they are GREAT singers, and the one woman plays fiddle/violin/fiddle well including for some reason, spinning in place while playing the instrument without missing a beat, or running about in high heels on a smooth and steep ramp without falling over(wow hunh?)

  14. Kevin,

    Dragonhold-Underhill is indeed in Wicklow. And no, as far as I know, she didn’t see them.

  15. Todd,
    I love the Pern books but my favorite of all the series that your mother created were the Pegasus and Tower and Hive series. Since you have picked up and are continuing the Pern series of books do you have any plans on working on any of your mother’s other series as well?

  16. That’s all up in the air. Though as far as the Tower and the Hive series goes, I believe that Mum pretty much felt that all that was needed to be said had been said.

  17. Sigh, ok. Its just that I thought it was left open enough for a sequel. All the hive planets had started sending out ships and everything. New Human and Dini worlds being colonized. Laria getting pregnant by Kincaid. Thian getting with Gravy. The remaining Gwen-Raven-Lyon children that still live with Damia and Afra. Oh well though guess I will have to let my imagination run wild! c’est la vie!

  18. Dar Todd,
    I discovered the passing of your mother today. My condolences. I have been reading her books for the last 40 years, since I discovered Dragonflight.
    I am glad you are carrying on her Pern stories. Do you think you might continue any story line concerning her original characters in the Dragonriders series?
    I hope you will.
    Thank you for your work work in the Pern series. I have enjoyed them as well.
    May your skies be thread free. By the way, I am 67 yrs of age.
    Leroy Hamilton

  19. Dear Todd

    Just started my yearly “McCaffrey binge” and felt the need to express my appreciation for you and your mother. While I am a big fan of the dragons my favorites will always be the brainships. I had the most amazing dream about a “rogue” brainship. He was a pirate. I have no idea how he became one but it was an awesome dream. If you ever have the urge to write about another brainship that would be one I would love to read about. No pressure just a thought 🙂

    Thank you and also thanks to your mother for all the joy you have given me through the years. Her books will always be some of my “best friends”.

    Best Wishes

  20. Hey Todd,

    I am so sad by anne passing away, and while I love your take on Pern, I miss some of the characters she created. I was researching for an RP, and I came across meantion of a WIP called After the Fall was over. So I wonder, with Anne gone and unable to finish it, do you plan on completing it and having it published on day? I’d love to know what happens the Lessa, F’lar and everyone…

  21. Chiyo,

    The question of what to do with “After the Fall is Over” is one that will be answered later rather than sooner.

  22. Have you ever been approached for a video game about Pern? I would think that would translate well into MMO or stand alone pc games.

  23. Hi David,

    Those sort of rights are more properly tied up as subsidiary rights with a film deal.

  24. hi todd..I was hopin to help you out with the PC Pern game…there WAS one made, by “UBI soft” but after buying it , it became OBVIOUS that the final “debugging” was not done..its missing voice dialoges, few “saving points” and if certain scenes are not followed precisely you have to start the whole thing over again..*sigh* my biggest disappointment is the various parts that depect someplace i dont think would be on pern, nor was shown on “atlas of pern” such as a wind mill, and bridge over a 2nd lake in the middle of benden Weyr, nor having parts of a Dawn sister in the back rooms of a Hold, and man-sized tunnel snakes…
    I have guide piece on how to play the confusing game I printed up if you want a copy todd?

    — kevin

    also: I know this may be stuipd, but a distant friend of mine thinks he can use a captain from the star trek NG series on pern, and Im hoping to get some input on how bad things might get, as he thinks he could kiddnap ruth for himself(un hunh..good luck with getting away with THAT one lol), either by beaming him out, stunning or killing jaxom, without/minimal consequesnses..then he also wanted to convert a fire lizard to being white one, and while Federation considers that a felony, etc, what about pern “officals?” *groans* as a fan I came up with several ways, for each effort, but unfortunately, unless an “athority” figure steps in, he’s off in “macho” land, and even of not a ST capt, thinks he can run around pern un opposed *rolls eyes*

  25. Robert,

    It’s a bit too early to say. I know that Mum’s agent wants to have a look at it and, after that, we’ll see. Seeing as Sky Dragons is coming out at the end of this month, we’ve a bit of time yet.

  26. Hey Todd,

    I was wondering if you are going to keep writing books in the Pern series. I love these books and I’m sad that Anne died. I just wanted to know if you will since your mom died.

  27. Amber,

    Well, the good news is that there are two people who, according to Mum’s Will, are allowed to write on Pern: myself and my sister. For the time being, however, I think we’re waiting to get the Estate sorted before we consider new projects.

    — Todd

  28. Kevin,

    You share the same name with Mum’s little brother. She used him as her role model in The Smallest Dragonboy — that’s where Keevan comes from.

    As for the UbiSoft game, the less said the better.

    As for your friend with strange ideas about combining universes, I have no comment except to say that Mum was adamant in not tying her own series of stories together — she kept Killashandra seperate from Pern so I know that she’d have no desire to attempt to link Pern with the Star Trek universe (aside from all the truly horrifying legal aspects).


  29. Hello Todd:

    So sorry about your mom’s passing. I grew up with her books, and still feel 12 years old when i read them. They helped me over every difficult time in my life!

    I look forward to more of yours. My husband just ordered Sky Dragons for my birthday!

    Question about the movie that was supposed to start work this year. Any further news about that?

    Thank you for your communications with all of us.

  30. Dawn,

    With regards to the movie, we’re still waiting, keep your fingers crossed!

  31. Hello, Todd! I’m looking forward to seeing you at Dragon*con this year, and ever since I saw your nifty scarves on the prize table a few years ago, I’ve been inspired. I wanted to knit you a gift, either for your personal use, or to give away, but I’m not sure about how warm a fiber to make it from. What is the climate like, where you live?

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