News from Dragonhold-Underhill

Those of you who aren’t getting my newsletter won’t have seen my post from Ireland, complete with a recent photo of Dragonhold-Underhill. But you can go to the Newsletter page and see it there, if you’d like!

I’ve been here now since the 13th of July and will be heading back this coming Thursday.

The weather has been brilliant, mostly sunny all the time and quite pleasant.

I was really lucky in that a friend of mine, Geoff Hilton, whom I’ve known for over 40 years, and I managed to get together for a short weekend and catch up on all the various news.

Ceara and I have been re-reading the Harry Potter series because she’s following someone who’s never read them while he writes a chapter by chapter critique (he’s loving it, naturally). I also re-read Diana Gabaldon’s brilliant Outlander and happily re-read Patricia Briggs’ Silver Borne and am glad to report that I’ve got Ceara reading the first in that series, Moon Called.

The copy-edited manuscript of Dragon’s Time will arrive tomorrow and I’m looking at getting it sent back before I return to the States myself.

Mum’s in much better form than she was in April and really getting about now on her new knee and hip although not without aid from a walker which is not at all bad for 84!



  1. Kathy Manley

    Good to hear that your (bionic) Mom is doing better. It took my father 2 years to get rid of the walker and cane after his 3 hip replacements on the same side! I just finished Dragongirl and loved it. Your Mother has passed on her writing ability to you, which is great for all of us Pern junkies who go thru withdrawl between books. Hazzah Maskerharper!

  2. Josephine

    Hi I have every book so far in paperback (apart from the short stories which is hardcover) I am waiting for Dragongirl to arrive in Australia in paperback. Do you have any plans for that. I will buy hardcover if I have to but I would like my collection to be all the same format.
    I have been a fan of Pern and the dragon riders for quite a few years now.
    Glad to hear your Mum is recovering well from surgery. She is one incredible lady.

  3. Todd


    I’m certain the publisher will bring out Dragongirl in paperback in Australia. Usually the publishers wait a year from the release of the hardcover to the release of the paperback.

    Mum certainly is a marvelous lady, thanks!

  4. Todd

    Diana Gabaldon is both a magnificent writer and a very marvelous person. I just re-read Outlander while in Ireland and got partway through “A Breath of Snow and Ashes”. I do hope I’ll have the time to meet up with her.

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