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  1. I’m glad I’ve found your website – but I’m wondering what has happened to Anne’s – no new news from December 2009 and now I cannot even find the site -can you tell me what has happened ?

  2. dragongirl ihave and enjoyed i’m writing some pern poems and maybe a lament about watch whers at the harper hall

  3. In book: DRAGONSBLOOD by Todd McCaffrey, published by Ballantine Books/Del Rey, New York, is listed a previously published book entitiled DRAGONHOLDER. I can’t find this book listed anywhere to buy. Tried, and Ballantine books, Del Rey, etc. Even here at Todd’s Pern page, no mention of it. Why? If it really exists, where do I get a copy? Have been a fan of Anne’s for more than 40 years, LOVE Pern, decided to re-read the series with my husband and infect him. But this book eludes me. Please help. Thanks

  4. Victoria,

    I’ve been trying for a while to get Del Rey to put Dragonholder in its proper place. The book’s full title is: “Dragonholder: The Life and Times (so far!) of Anne McCaffrey.” It’s non-fiction and is no longer print.

    — Todd

  5. Carol,

    Mum’s website should be pretty visible and still at the same place. The website has moved, physically, and the layout has changed as part of a major overhaul which is why the content hasn’t had much updating recently.

  6. Hello Todd,

    I’ve been a Pern fan for about forty (+) years and re-read the series periodically. Just finished reading it again — using the Pern chronology form, not the published date form — and enjoyed the tour immensely. Again!

    Your writing style and topics fit in quite nicely. I was pleased to learn some details that Ms. Anne had not previously covered.

    One observation: With all the the ocean area covering Pern and certain strong-willed unsuitables continously exiled to Eastern Sea Ring Islands, I’m suprised that the exile’s desperate need for resources has not caused their survivors/descendants to re-invent piracy. They could pillage any passing ships or nearby coastlines. This would be an excellent way for them to get back at their sense of being wronged, cheated and not understood. Just a thought.

    Looking forward to the next installment!


  7. Dear Todd, I just finished Dragon Heart and Dragon Girl. I found both stories excellant and must congratulate you. It is clear you have inherited your mum’s ability to exercise one’s imagination. That added to your narritive talent makes all your work pageturners. I was not able to put them down don’t. Remember when I’ve enjoyed a read quite so much. Do you plan to carry on with the storyline? I certainly hope so. You left it at a good place but like many readers I hope for more. In any case I thank you as a cross country lorryman your writing makes the miles fly by.

  8. Dear Todd,

    A friend had lent to me the first eleven books of the Dragonriders of Pern series about 20 years ago and I decided last year that I wanted to purchase them for myself. So far I have purchased 23 books of the Dragonriders of Pern series (which I haven’t read yet because I’m waiting until I get them all) and I can’t find three of the books. When are Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and Dragondrums for adults going to be re-printed?

    Thank You for your time

  9. Dear Todd,

    I type in 23 book for the Dragonriders and it was only 17 books. Sorry I added other books written by your mother into total.

    Have a Great Day!

  10. Ramona,

    The Harper Hall trilogy (aka Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums) is currently in print. If you do an internet search, you should find them without any trouble.

  11. Joe,

    Thanks! The next book, Dragon’s Time, will continue the story but with Mum as well as myself at the helm!

  12. Locomo,

    Thanks! The next one will be a collaboration, Dragon’s Time which will be out at the end of June.


  13. First, I want to wish you a GIANT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I would send it in color & much larger but the reply program just won’t let me.
    Secondly, I can’t wait until it comes out.(the new book where you & your mum are co authors. Should be a best seller in the people who read this line of books. Hope you weren’t involved, threatened by any of the several wild fires in the news lately.
    Your friend from AGGIE-Con & Dragon Con. Kris Dobie in Texas.

  14. Dear Sir;
    I have sooooo enjoyed the Pern looking forward to the new one and hope to be first in line to buy it. Even at the age of 63 I have found that I can fly!!!!

  15. 1. When are you coming back to N. California for a book signing?
    2. Which order would you recommend the PERN books be read. I planning my summer vacation in PERN.

  16. Christine,

    Currently there are no plans to come up to N. California.

    I suggest reading them in the order they were written, even that’s not a Pern chronological order.
    If you go here you can chose either publication order or chronological order.

  17. I was just checking the release date for the latest Pern book at B&N site. There is a book titled Dragon’s School authored by yourself and your mother supposedly being released on Dec. 28, 2011. Any truth to that?

  18. Dear Todd. Am Big fan of first your Mother and now yourself been reading and loving Pern for over 30 years. Can’t wait to read Dragon’s Time as it will be the only book with your mum’s name that I haven’t read or owned. I’ve even had to replaced soom due to age and overuse. Give my love and best wishes to you Mum and keep up the wonderful wook.

  19. Hi Todd

    I have been a fan of pern since I was 16 and would love to read them on Kindle. Will the books become available in e form in the United Kingdom soon?

  20. Michelle,

    This is really a question for the publisher which in your case is Transworld.

  21. Just finished reading DRAGONGIRL…fantastic read!!! Never cried so much in one book. You are as accomplished a writer as your mother is. Have loved her PERN books since the begining and now love your contributions to the continuing stories. Do NOT stop writing them please??!!
    You and your mom are an amazing team!!!!

  22. Rosina,

    Thanks! You’ve got “Dragon’s Time” just out in hardcover/eBook and there will be a sequel to that, too.

  23. Dear Todd, I have today heard the sad news about your Mother Anne. I just want to say how very sad & sorry I am. Deepest sympathy to you & your Family. She was a great fantasy author & I have been reading & re-reading her books for a very long time.

    I like your take & style of Pern as well. Please keep writing about the Dragons & Pern for me & Anne’s fans & readers.

  24. Dear Todd

    I was saddened to hear of the death of your mother today. Her writings have been an huge inspiration for me in the 15 years since I first picked up Dragons Dawn. Her imagination and story telling brought the dragons of pern to life for and as I found each book I felt I had come home and was hearing about long lost friends lives. The thought that this great lady is no longer with us saddens me, but I know you will carry the mantle of the dragon riders with honor. My sincere condolences go to you and your family for this great loss, but I know her legend will go on forever.

    Greg Stevens Australia

  25. Dear Todd,

    I was very sad to hear from a friend, only today, of Anne’s passing. Please accept my condolences for the loss of your mother, she has been my favourite author for a long time.

    Thank you for taking over the telling of ‘Pern’ and thus keeping Pern alive. I am enjoying your writing as much as I enjoyed Anne’s.

    Sincerely Anne

  26. Dear Todd and Family,

    I was saddened today to read of you mum’s passing. I first ‘met’ her in the pages of Dragonflight, in 1972. I’ve enjoyed reading the Tales of Pern, and the rest of her stories, ever since.

    My sincere, belated condolences to you and your extended family, I’m sure there’s a dragon-sized whole in all of your hearts.

    I also hope that you will continue to bring Anne’s reader across the globe new tales of the Dragons of Pern and their Riders, from time to time.

    Best wishes for the New Year,

    Angie in Washington State,

  27. I just read the synopsis of Sky Dragons, due out in June. It looks great, as all the others were, but I was sad to see that it is the last in this series. I’m hoping that you aren’t done with Pern altogether, as we have gotten stories of First, Second, Third, Sixth and Ninth Pass, but there are many centuries left? I know it has to end sometime, I’m just hoping it’s not yet!

  28. Dragonholder: The Life and Times (so far!) of Anne McCaffrey. Is on, So glad it is available now.

  29. I’ve loved Anne McCaffrey book and the world of Pern for 40 years. At local science fiction festivals, I’d spend my time searching for out of date Anne McCaffrey books. The measure of my succeess was how many books I found. These books have been read and reread, they hold a place of honor in my home. I can’t telll you how much it helped me to discover Pern and dragons, it was wonderful beyond words.

    I offer my greatest condolences on the loss of you mother, she was a wonderful woman who created a world of adventure and opportunity. When you joined her in writting about Pern, I was thrilled. I look forward to each of your creations, it’s hours of pleasure as I drop everything to learn the new activities in Pern. Please do NOT stop writing, your mother lives in the Pern books. Thank you for your contributions to Pern!

  30. Have read and reread the story of Pern. It is like a story of family or dear friends. So sorry about the passing of your mother and I realize that even if the books don’t age, people do. She and her writing have meant so much to so many. We appreciate your taking up the mantle and allowing us to continue to enjoy “our” alternate planet.
    I am sure that your mother is entertaining those around her in whatever special place is given to those who have given so much pleasure to so many.

  31. Dear Todd, bought my copy of “Sky Dragons” hot off the press, and it surpassed all my expectations. Your mother, truly, lives on in the world of Pern, which looks to live on after this newest book. Thank you.

    So I am watching the development of a feature-film treatment of one of the earliest Pern books. After reading all (I think) of the Pern titles, I’m almost more curious to see which title(s) would be filmed NEXT. So many generations of characters and relationships to flesh out. And speaking of characters and relationships, on the topic of actors who do notable character-oriented work and demand really good script-writing as a point of departure, all I have to say is:

  32. Dear Melanie,

    Thank you!

    As for any film deal, the casting will be up to the producers, not me.


  33. Hi Todd
    I thought your Mother was in the process of writing a final book in the Pern Series. (After the Fall?)
    Will this book still be published?
    Love all the Pern Series books and have read them for years. I am even starting to replace ones that have become impossible to read anymore.

  34. Hi Doris,

    Mum was working on a book with the working title After the Fall Is Over. I haven’t seen it although we talked about it over the years. Right now we’re pretty busy getting the Estate sorted and set up.

    Glad you love the Pern books!

  35. I have read and enjoy all (as far as I can find) books.

    I have enjoy hers and now your World “Pern” from the start.

    I have finished “Sky Dragons” enjoyed it very much. I will look
    forward to another please.

    GOD Bless

    Love and Hugs

    Rose Marie

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